The name of Shakti was unknown to Sandy. The Magic in this name was undeniable to her. A strong presence pushed her to write down everything.

A copulation of twenty-five years of information had come to fruition. Learned and dreamed information had now come into perspective. It took twenty-five years to realize that there are many driving forces in the universe that are not seen by the naked eye. These forces are not found in stuctures or systems.

Energies touch us from spirit. These energies do not come from thinking.They present information through many signs and forms meant for each single individual. When we are reminded by spirit a light goes on and it seems as though a new epiphany is born! We become excited to move on with a task.

The study of diversified subjects can raise the eyebrows of some and for others happen as a natural process. Sandy believes that it is a given-that all exists because of Gods creations! Everything funnels down from him.

Everything seems to repeat itself over time. Energy repeats its’ cycles through the centuries. This recycling becomes evident with the study of the earth and cosmic structure. Nothing can be placed into a box for long. Our tools given to us through spirit should be unboxed. Spreading this energy through thinking, actions and practices will affect the earth and cosmos as a whole. Sandys secret to a happier life is the knowing of the secrets to herself.

Sandy felt the “Secret” of this spiritual magic as she started to write over six years ago. She feels the spirit of “Shakti” driving her to continue this work. The push of Shaktis’ energy remains very strong. Sandy is unable to quit what she starts. A stronger feeling of caring and loving of all things exists. Negativity is all but eliminated from her words and actions. Sandy has stronger beliefs in religion as well. Realizing that religions are sent to certain peoples from the spirit of God to give them what they need.

Sandy knows that we are all affected by our relationships in all walks of life. When we are in this existence we do not go unaffected by the happenings around us. We are somehow touched by it all.

We then find our individual secrets to keep our lives positive. We can learn our talents and reasons to be on earth at this particular time. We can grow by becoming aware of something different and being willing to know something that we did not know before.

Once Sandy opened her own lid “Shaktis’ Cosmic Toolbox” was created and the Secret was let out!

By yanam49

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