Chamonix, France: Ensconced high in the Alps and watermarked by the looming edifice of Mont Blanc is Chamonix, an resort with an incredible variety of winter sports activities on offer, and is one of the most popular resorts in the French resort category. For those wanting off-trail and snowboarding as well as the piste slopes, this is an excellent destination. Furthermore many people visit Chamonix for its snowmobiling, ice climbing and other activities. Apr├Ęs in Chamonix is renowned for its all-round quality, whether it be a bar, restaurant or even a casino you’re after.

Engelberg, Switzerland: If you’re tired of the unfulfilled promises of intermediate resorts offering ‘something for the expert’, then take yourself off to Engelberg and take the plunge. With the second most snow-secure rating in Switzerland and great lifts it opens well, and at the Titlis peak (3,020m) you can decide for yourself when you see the black slopes of the untracked Laub whether or not you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. The resort offers great snowboard parks, plateaux for skaters and pristine landscapes to draw in the spinally-challenged.

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