Portrait of Benjamin Green

This portrait was created in 1956 and is currently displayed in the Montclair Art Museum. It reflects the cultural background of the colonists during the 18th century. It was painted by Joseph Blackburn featuring the soft pastel colors and brushwork which signifies the European rococo painting.

Christmas Morning

Thomas Ball made this sculpture in 1875. This work depicting the innocence of childhood is one of his marble sculptures Ball made. It is characterized as a little girl of about eight years old. The child still wears a nightdress and only one sock. She is up very early to see what has been put into the other sock. She neglects the presents stacked at her feet and prefers to contemplate a crucifix. Therefore, this child is a perfect example of Christian morality and religious virtue.

These art pieces are just a few of the most interesting and notable gifts that the artists have shared with us. Almost all art that became famous came from the old era which means that people will not forget how these things became a part of our culture.



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