Many students consider the lack of interaction—both student-student and student-professor—one of the biggest disadvantages of distance learning. Online classes can make them feel isolated, and they may find it difficult to form long-lasting relationships with their classmates or establish a rapport with their instructors.

It is primarily self-directed. This may not work very well for the students who need more instruction and supervision from their professors, particularly for the more complex parts of their coursework. Self-directed learning can make a student a self-starting and independent learner, but it s not for everyone.

The temptation to procrastinate can be immense as you are on a self-imposed schedule. Therefore a student needs to be focused, disciplined, and motivated to complete the program.

By taking classes online, students do miss out on the activities associated with campus life. From cultural events to inter-college games, from prom nights to graduation, distance learning students don t get to experience the spirit of college. But some students consider that a small price to pay for getting the quality education that may have otherwise been beyond their reach.

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