Of course, you can always cast characters on the day itself but this can be a tad chaotic and it will consume time before the game is played. An important part of casting is which guest gets a particular part. This is entirely up to you because this will be dependent on the different personalities of your guests and if they are actually willing to take up the role. Make sure that the characters you cast want the role. Otherwise, you run the risk of poor performance.

Now, in deciding the kind of food to serve, this will depend on the game play. If the game can be played just around the table while eating then a full course meal is the appropriate food to serve. However, if the game requires guests to mingle and talk to different characters, it will be best to serve finger food instead. You can also serve a full meal and have the game played afterwards during dessert or coffee. As mystery games usually involve a lot of talking, it is essential to stock up on drinks because sooner or later, your guests will start to feel thirsty.

The day before the party, make sure that you have all the props necessary for the game to be played. Also, as a host, it is your responsibility to set-up the stage and that means your home or an event venue where you plan to hold the party. No themed party happens without a little decorating here and there. This does not need to be expensive at all. All that is needed is a little imagination and creativity. You can use recycled materials to make your own props or better yet, this is where the toys of your children might come in handy. A toy gun for example.

And lastly, think deeply if you are up to this challenge. If you are not very comfortable doing this on your own but want to experience being a participant in a murder mystery party, do not despair. There are many banquet halls and party venues that organise murder mystery nights regularly. All that is needed is a quick search of venues that hold such events online.

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