So much of the burlesque theme rides on the music and the lighting and the real fun thing about this choice is that it’s just a tad bit” racy. I suppose it’s an adult party concept, but in a fun way that no one could possibly have objections to and the costumes are, so fun and easy to do.

Also unlike other popular themes like Mardi Gras in particular, with burlesque you aren’t so dependent on three dimensional props. Then don t forget that there’s male as well as female burlesque now, so everyone will have fun dressing up.

Setting up your bar and outfitting your bartender for this particular theme is also pretty straight forward. After all, isn’t traditional burlesque put on in a bar setting? So it’s fun, colourful, costume oriented and not as difficult to do as some of the others and it’s also a proven success.

In the end though, no matter what type of party theme you go with, you have to set it up, have the party then take it down again. Don’t lose track of the fact that you have a party or event to put on too, so you want your theme to be as easy as possible.

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