Insane marketing approach is a strategy I learnt from my mentor few years ago and it’s really superb. Since I started implementing this approach in my internet marketing campaign i have noticed a dumbfounding and superlative growth in profit and traffic.This approach centered on profit sacrificing; a commitment to serve human race better and selflessly. All internet marketers are aware of the fact that the money is in the LIST Great!Through this approach I discovered 7 ways to realise profit forever without having to observe the conventional methods. By this, I mean, you’ll go against the following:

(a) Press Release

(b) Launching

(c) Media Broadcast

(d) Hot Advertising

The keypoint to this approach is being a solution provider to people via the following strategies:

1. Price reduction

2. Giveaways

3. Professional touch

4. Your webpage

5. Autoresponder

6. Learning to use Autoresponder

7. Advertisement

With the above 7 nuggets there is no limit to what you can achieve within the shortest time possible.

PRICE REDUCTION:The underlying theory of demand and supply asserts that “the lower the price,the higher the quantity demanded and viceversa”.It means there would be more demand for your products when the price is low,therefore,your profitgoes up.Offering your products at a very reduced price simply denotes a selfless service to humanity,if you can endeavor to slash price to say,one-tenth of the real cost you’ll have a huge profit in the longrun.

GIVEAWAYS:Giveaways have always been a means to an end in terms of sellers-buyers relationship.Freebies will make your customers to be your friend forever,you’ll win gain their loyalty and they will continue to patronise you.

PROFESSIONAL TOUCHES:How you package your products is very important in your online business.If you are well orgarnised you will reap the reward accordingly.if you engaged the service of professionals to take up your productsthere would be a spillover effectin your salrs.Example of such professionals may include,copywriters,proofreaders,webdesigners/programmers,authorities in your area of interest for jointventureship,graphic designers and lot more depending on the kind of products you are offering.

WEBPAGE:A webpage is your online salesman.It tells the wholeworld about your products,how to place an order,where to make payment,and how to get the products.It is important you employ a webdesigner that to create pages for your products.Your salesman is never asleep ,tired or dishonest,its always there for you as an obedient servant.What a wonderful sales representative!

AUTORESPONDER:An auto responder is a sister to your sales representative,it is referred to as your online-secretary.It keeps details and do all you ask it to do.I call it a life saver why? because it creates a good relationship beetween the master(owner) and the customers,never sleeps and very active in service.there are two types of Autoresponders viz



You can do a search on Google for more on that, you can type for instance “paid autoresponders” “free autoresponders” on google.

LEARN TO OPERATE AUTORESPONDER:Listen,learning to operate autoresponders is not hard at all,you can ask your webdesigner to put you through or you do-it-yourself by testrunning it to get familiar with how it works.

ADVERTISEMENT:After the steps explained above,you can now go for advertisement.Remember,you now have a SYSTEM in place that will follow up the customers your advertisement produced.At this point,I will like to give reasons for applying these 7 strategies to your products

(a)It saves time.

(b)It saves your life because it is automated.

(c)It affords you the best salesman and secretary that will serve you round the clock.

(d)It complement and vitalize your form of advert.

(e)It saves contact details of everyone that is interested in your products.

Finally do not dilute the information you are giving out to your subscribers in whatever form because you already have a LIST that will make you an endless flow of income if and only if they are well fed with a selfless information.

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