This week I’m going to talk about when you can tell it’s time for a new car cover. There are many covers made today and they all have their time for replacement. When you buy a car cover they come with a warranty and this warranty will cover the material, tie down grommet, UV and waterproof protection as well as the seams and elastic hem in the front and back. If any of these has a problem during the warranty period you should contact the seller or manufacturer and inquire about a replacement. So I’m going to explain what your warranty will cover and when you should replace your cover after the warranty has run out and the cover is showing signs of wear.

First let’s talk about the warranty, all warranties vary from type of cover and manufacturing company:

(1) Material: the warranty will cover any type of defect in the material under normal use.
(2) Tie down grommets: Covers that come with tie down grommets will be covered under the warranty for defects under normal use.
(3) UV and Waterproofing: Car Covers come with different types of protection, some are rated low for the UV and water protection and others are rated high for this protection. The warranty will cover you based on which cover you bought and the UV and Waterproof treatment as per each cover type. It should provide the UV and Waterproofing for the covered time under the warranty time period.
(4) Seams: This means that seams shouldn’t come apart during the warranty time period under normal use.
(5) Elastic Hems: Most Car covers come with elastic hems to help keep the cover on your car, they shouldn’t lose there elasticity or come apart under normal use. All these warranties vary and are up to each company as to how they will handle and respond to there claims.

Now to the cover that needs replacement after the warranty has run out. Most if not all car covers will out last there warranty period, So you need to take a close look at your cover at the end of each season and check for wear and problems that will cause the cover to stop protecting your vehicle. The first thing is checking to see if the material is still in good shape and still protecting your car from the environment. Like is it still preventing the rain to penetrate the cover, and also stopping the UV rays from damaging your finish and interior. The best way is to first clean your cover to get all the dirt off from this past season, check your site where you purchased it for cleaning instructions. Then put the cover on your car and let it completely dry.

Then taking your garden hose and simulate a rain storm don’t stand close and blast the cover just let the rain fall on the cover. After you have done this then check if the cover is still stopping the rain from getting to you cars finish. If you find that water is coming through the cover it is time to replace it. To check for UV protection is a bit tricky, take the cover after you have cleaned it and let it completely dried remove it from the car and on a sunny day stand under it and look towards the sun for weak spots in the material where the sun can come through to damage your car. If you see weak spots or thin spots then you should replace the cover. Checking the seams is easy to do just follow each seam and look for damage or sewing coming apart, if you can repair this great if not you may want to replace the car cover.

To check the elastic hems check to see if they will still stretch and retract and if they still hold the car cover tight under the front and rear of your vehicle, if they are getting all stretched out or loose and not able to hold your cover securely to your vehicle I would suggest replacing the cover before the next big wind, having a loose cover can damage your finish by rubbing on it. One last thing to check is the tie down grommets located along the bottom hem in the middle of your vehicle cover. Check to see if they are still tight in the material and not beginning to pull out of the cover. These tie down grommets are a great help to keep your car cover on during and windy condition. You can use the cable lock or a bungee cord to secure your car cover.

Well I hope this will help to maintain your car covers and to keep then in good shape for the protection of your investment may it be your car or other vehicle. If you think I may have left out something please comment on this article and let me know and I will respond to your comment.

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