he custom sports bottle or personalized sports bottle makes an excellent addition to any school orientation package. They are a vibrant, high impact promotional item that provides a large imprint surface for your logo and message. They make a great carrying case for other orientation package materials. Calendars, necessary forms, pens, maps, USB drives, t-shirts and additional information can be stuffed inside a personalized sports bottle. They are environmentally friendly and encourage a healthy active lifestyle. https://k2liquidsprayonpaperforsale.com/

With the dangers of bottled water to both personal health and the environment, the personalized sports bottle has become an even more important component to any orientation package. Custom sports bottles discourage the harmful practice of buying plastic water bottles which contain BPA (or Bisphenol A) and the DEHP (Bis 2-ethylhexyl phthalate). The FDA has recently linked BPA and DEHP to miscarriage, birth defects including genital deformities, impotency, child obesity, thyroid complications, irregular dopamine activity resulting in hyperactivity, and increased risk of breast and prostate cancer. Complications that only increase should students reuse the bottles multiple times.

Bottled water is less regulated than tap water and in hundreds of tests has been proven to be more contaminated and contain more impurities. Recently, the National Defense Council revealed that one in three samples of bottled water contained contamination levels that exceeded allowable limits for tap water. Additionally, bottled water is allowed to have limited amounts of E. coli and fecal coli forms which provides an unnecessary health risks to highly social communities such as a school or campus.

Besides the health risks inherent in bottled water, there are also numerous environmental costs. Plastic water bottles use massive amounts of oil and energy in both their production and distribution. It is estimated that the amount of oil used in the United States solely for the production of disposable plastic water bottles every year could power a million cars. Add in the fuel used to distribute these bottles from such far off places as Polynesia and it is easy to see why many consider bottled water to be the most unnecessary environmental hazard perpetuated in the U.S. today.

Disposable water bottles are not recycled 80% of the time, are one of the most commonly found non-biodegradable plastics in oceans and streams (the mass of plastics in the ocean exceeds plankton six fold), leach dangerous compounds into the ground water, are a contributing factor to the mutated ‘intersex’ fish that now dominate many American streams and lakes.


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