Australia is the world’s largest coal exporter and also the world’s leader in greenhouse gas emissions. Coal and natural gas exports are its major income earners. However, Australia also has what it takes to have substantial renewable energy capabilities.

While the potential of the country’s vast resources has not been maximized yet, there are companies who have already committed themselves to helping produce energy that’s environmentally friendly for homes and businesses in Australia. AGL Australia, for example, has major investments in hydro and wind and also ongoing developments in key renewable areas including solar, geothermal, biomass, bagasse and landfill gas. Another company with a significant portfolio of green energy opportunities is Origin Energy, a top 20 ASX-listed company known for operating the Cullerin Range wind farm and providing photovoltaic panels to generate solar energy.

Sustainable forms of energy today make up only about 8% of Australia’s total electricity supply, but they are becoming more and more favored by businesses and households, especially with the various energy programs of the government. Every state or territory has its own efforts in encouraging people to use eco-friendly power.

In South Australia, more wind power is generated than any other Australian state or territory. TRUenergy, AGL Adelaide and other major companies that support green energy are the ones who mostly address the state’s energy requirements.

Queensland, meanwhile, has a wealth of eco-friendly power resources that include solar, geothermal, biomass, wind and hydro. Presently, its local government has implemented the Queensland Renewable Energy Plan, which has already provided a Queensland Wind Map, which highlights areas of wind speed and strength across the state; a new Solar Hot Water Rebate to Queenslanders to promote the use of solar water heaters in place of electric storage hot water systems; and, Queensland’s first Solar Atlas, which names the best sites for commercial solar power plants. AGL Brisbane, Australia Power & Gas and other such companies dedicated to provide renewable energy also help in the state’s environmental pursuits.

Across Australia, individuals and companies are encouraged to use environmentally harmless energy in every way they can. Included in these efforts is the installation of solar panels at home or other structures, where applicable. The federal government even provides rebates on these solar panels to promote the activity. People are also making the choice of changing to the GreenPower plan or the renewable energy plan.

Electricity in Australia is still mainly powered by coal. However, major power companies, such as TRUenergy, AGL Gas & Electricity and others, are dedicated to bringing eco-friendly power to people. As the efforts to switch to renewable energy sources like solar, biomas

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