Recent years have seen betting exchanges becoming very popular. How are they different to traditional bookies and should you consider them? In this article, I’ll tell you.

Advantages Of Betting Exchanges

A betting exchange allows you to “lay”. This means that you can act as the bookie and accept money. You will only have to pay out if you get it wrong. Some call it betting on a team to lose. You can use laying to lock in a profit. For example, you might bet on the Bulls to win before the game. As the game goes on, it looks like you are right. You can either wait for the game to finish or you can lay out your bet. This way, you will now win, whatever the outcome of the game.

At a betting exchange, you can normally get better odds than at a regular bookie. Not always, but often.

Disadvantages Of The Betting Exchanges

They do not always have the best price. It is still worth having a few accounts open at other bookies if you are serious about your betting. Betting exchanges feature most sports markets but they may not have very small markets that other bookies have.


Betting exchanges are great and I highly recommend you join one such as the leading site, Betfair. Most serious punters have an account there. I recommend any serious punter to have at least one betting exchange account and 3 accounts at other bookies. This way you can get the best prices possible.

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