Thanksgiving collections of holiday patterns of pilgrims and turkeys. It’s that time of year again for making holiday crafts. Sometimes we tend to skip right to Christmas when the Halloween season passes. Let’s not forget the turkey crafts we can make and give thanks that you can find many of these patterns free on the internet. Painting a wood craft fo r Thanksgiving can be easy once the pattern has been found.

Colors are bright and tend to shift more to blues and reds with lots of orange in the picture too.

Paints to use on wood are acrylic paints. The brushes need not be expensive and can be found online or at your local crafts store. The fun Thanksgiving pieces in this collection of patterns is a cornucopia, a pilgrim, a table set for a feast, a turkey, of course, a sets of pumpkins and a Mayflower boat. When I made these little wood collectibles, I painted an extra set of these little guys and made them into magnets. I cut the pieces out with the wood thickness being 1/2 inch. I painted the Thanksgiving set and also create ornaments from them to hang.

They have a nice festive look on a fridge and then you know it s a welcome sign that Christmas is near. Paint a Mayflower boat and a table of Thanksgiving fun with a collection of fine wood miniatures that will last a lifetime. You can also use the holiday patterns to sew onto pillows, towels for the kitchen or bath or even use them just use them to color for the kids.

The painting outline in the Thanksgiving collection come with a outline of the pieces finished and as an outline. If you sew the design onto a cloth piece it is just traced onto the fabric. Use the light from a window or a traditional light box to achieve this. A simple stitch with several colors are all you will need to make a pillow, potholder or towel. An idea that would be fun is sew the design onto the fabric and sew words or one below or on top of the design. The words ” give thanks” or “Happy Thanksgiving” as some ideas you can use to complete your holiday project.

Children and kids of all ages can print out the outline of the pilgrims and turkeys and color place mats for the table. Name tags can also be made from the collection and a matching mobile is also another fun craft idea for a kids craft project.

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