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As ‘they’ say in the fitness world – it is motivation that gets you started, but it is habit that keeps you going. You may have the motivation to start up a business – often through inspiration, need, or desire and this often leads to the start up of a business in a flurry.

However, at the end of the day – it is not why or how you start in business, it is how you mean to continue in it that will determine the outcome. We all hear the ongoing drums being beaten about how we have to juggle so many things, prioritise everything except ourselves, juggle demanding children or partners, pay the bills, organise the world and generally keep order in the chaotic universe that revolves around us.

Yes, well – no matter how much we read or hear about these things – it doesn’t change unless we change it ourselves. If you are going to be in business, this is likely to be your life for quite a long time. Thus, when you start business – it is critical that after the start-up motivation wanes, the good habits are in place to keep you going. Good habits lead to good profits. No matter how small your business – if you don’t have good habits and practices in place from the beginning – a small problem will quite happily grow exponentially with the business.

Hat – which hat?

One of the biggest issues facing small businesses is the need to wear many hats. You may be the accounts keeper, the retailer, the designer, the therapist – all the trades required to keep your business afloat and to meet regulatory/tax/legal requirements. Many people say that it is not worth seeking outside assistance as it takes them more time to deal with that than it does to do the work themselves. Guess what… that is because the good habit of records management is not in place.

Write the Right!

Another ongoing issue seen many times in business which is guaranteed to lose clients is the lack of quality control. No matter whether you are a florist or a beauty therapist or an insurance broker or a major producer … any business needs identified points of customer service quality that you should check during receipt of client instructions/order, during the work that you conduct on their behalf and during the delivery of that work to the client. If these quality control points are not identified, recorded and carried out for each and every client, there is no point being in business. You cannot keep that level of customer care in your head – you will not sleep, you will stress and you will literally worry yourself sick. It really isn’t that difficult. The critical components are:

Uninterrupted time (focus time)
Clarity on what specific task needs to be accomplished
The tools and knowledge to address it – or someone else’s tools or knowledge.
Schedule yourself uninterrupted time for 3 hours at least once per week- and before you start laughing about how I have no idea how much your time is in demand etc etc, well I do know. I really do understand what it is like to run two businesses, work as a consultant, continually develop new products, raise a young child, study and not have enough hours in the day. But, if your business is important to you – you will find that you can get home from work at a reasonable time – then have time out. Enjoy time with the family, have dinner and chill out for an hour. Then do a few hours productive work after 7:30 when they’re in bed. It can be quiet, uninterrupted and not drain you dry

During your first session, make a list of everything you and your company do. This should be at a high level which doesn’t include the detail. For example:



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