How to get started with an online business is the question that is normally enough to scare most people off. For some reason when people think of doing business online, they start looking at the major players. If I was to look at some of the major players out there, I have to admit that I would be scared getting started to. But doing business online does not mean that you have to setup the next Amazon, Yahoo or eBay. You can start much smaller than that, and still see an income sufficient to make a living. In some cases you even see people become quite wealthy with concepts that are much simpler.

The question is, what do you need to get started to do business online, and some people may be thinking about how much getting started costs. The reality is that to get started doing business online you really do not need anything you have to pay for. You can start with a simple Blog, a free website or other free tools. Now notice that I said you CAN start with that, I wouldn’t suggest or recommend it, not if your goal is to replace your current income or increase it. Depending on what type of business you want to setup the costs can vary, if you want to setup an online store and figure everything out yourself you can certainly do that on a very low budget. Once again, not exactly what I would recommend, because the downside to all of these free aspects is that you will probably not be considered credible. That is why most people that are doing some kind of online business, are not making enough to support them selves by only doing their online business.

Online business is all about credibility and getting in front of people. There are several ways you can get credibility online. It does not always have to be that your website looks fantastic or that you have the best product. It is a matter of leveraging what you are selling or presenting with the right kind of image. Just like creating a business in the “real world”, the online business world works the same way. Image, combined with the right product and/or service will produce results. Now let us talk about the different types of online business that is available for you to do and what kind of image you need to portray with each of them, in part 2 and 3 of this article we will discuss each of these in more detail.

So here is a list of different types of way to do online business. First off we have direct tangible item sales via your own website. We have 3rd party sellers of tangible items; both direct e-commerce and auction sites. Then we have the non-tangible items, such as e-book, seminars, newsletters, audio and video. This includes educational material that is electronically delivered. Then we have affiliate marketing, where you take advantage of other people’s services, products (both tangible and non-tangible) and you use your resources to sell these products and services for a commission. The commission can vary based on vendor, products, and product types and so on. When it comes down to it, those are the core websites that are out there and the online businesses that are available.

What you choose to sell online or how you choose to setup your business model is all a variation or combination of these. Some of these aspects you may use for marketing purposes or simply focus your business around one of them. Once you decide, you will need to think about the next part. Which we will discuss in part 2 of this article, and that is what resources you will need to get started with your online business.

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Gudmundur Sigurdarson (Gummi) is the founder of Redknight Marketing, online marketing and website design, Mindformula, life and executive coaching and 10make90, internet marketing made easy []. He is the former VP of DesignEuropA where he worked with several hundred businesses over the course of 6 years, helping them grow their business both on and off line. Mr. Sigurdarson created the sales manuals, sales training, franchise model and franchise training program for DesignEuropA. In addition Mr. Sigurdarson has written a number of books on personal and professional development, online marketing, website creation and business startup guides. Mr. Sigurdarson has a dedication to helping people succeed, he does this both as an author, corporate trainer, speaker and coach.

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