If you really want to start making some serious money online, you may want to start a turnkey website comparison review site.

What makes it turnkey is that you can use the same design and formatting and even the same marketing strategies from one site to the next. What changes are the niches and the merchants you are reviewing. barathkumaar.com

The basis for this profit model is affiliate marketing.

An affiliate program is a commission-only sales agreement between you and a merchant. A merchant is someone with a product or service who will let you sell their merchandise for a cut of the selling price. With hard products, commissions are around 10%. Often they are even less. However, with digital products, like e-books, software, and audio and visual files, you can be paid between 50% to 75% of sales.

For beginners, it’s much easier and more profitable to sell digital products that can be downloaded as soon as the customer has paid.

One of the most popular places online to find other people’s products to sell is through clickbank.com. Not only are you guaranteed to get a check every two weeks, but signing up itself is a simple one-time process. You can then use your unique Clickbank ID for any merchants in their network. You’ll have thousands to choose from across all categories.

Since you are setting up a turnkey website comparison site, you’ll enjoy the benefits of leaping from one profitable niche to another. In each niche, choose three to five merchants to compare. Your goal is to create a tightly niche-focused website. On that site, under each review, will be a link that takes the prospect to the merchant site. Each link will have your Clickbank ID in it. Because your cookie is tracked, you’ll be credited with the sale.

While there are many marketing methods you can use to make money as an affiliate, one of the best income models is to build a review site. All you need are some simple pages, no more than one or two pages, to compare and contrast several related products within the niche.

How do you know what to compare and contrast? Simply go to the merchant’s sales sites, where all the features and benefits are listed. You can then compare and contrast who offers what.

The website you set up for your review site can actually be a blog. You’re probably familiar with all the buzz about blogging. They are popular because they make it easier to get traffic than conventional websites. Another advantage is that they are easier to set up, which is a huge plus if you are a novice at setting up websites. The software behind blogging is very user-friendly. All you have to do is fill in a few blanks with your content and publish it.

If you want to set up your turnkey website comparison site on a blog, WordPress and Blogger are two very popular choices. WordPress is free open source software and you can host it on your own web server. The advantage of this is that you can choose a domain name that makes your review website look more professional.

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