Depression like a faulty lawnmower? OK, so it is a little tongue in cheek, but I feel the analogy is valid. If you have ever suffered from depression, with its feelings of ‘flat’ and ‘lifeless’ you might be able to identify with this interpretation.

I’m thinking primarily of those rope-pull lawnmowers. You know, the ones where you open the throttle, then pull the rope like crazy in the hope that the spark will catch and the engine will come to life.

Depression can feel a bit like the lawnmower won’t start. You know you have the fuel on board and the engine to make it happen (your brain). You know the spark plugs are there, but for some reason the engine just won’t ‘catch’, leaving you feeling like your brain has gone ‘flat’. Nothing seems to have a spark to it.

The lack of a ‘spark’ in the engine of your brain may be due to a lack of vital nutrients to build the right neurotransmitters for a happy, motivated mood. Which nutrients are missing varies from person to person, and depends on your individual genes. Some people need much larger amounts of vitamins and minerals than others.

You can find out which nutrients you need to improve your mood, and how much, by testing your urine for the presence of certain organic acids, or neuroendocrine metabolites. Any of these tests can be arranged through your naturopath. Usually the urine sample is provided at home and posted in to the lab by you for analysis.

You and your naturopath can then sit down together to devise the best supplement intake for you as an individual to get your brain sparking again.

Its important to realise that nutritional treatment of depression can not replace cognitive treatment from your psychologist, counsellor or psychiatrist. The nutritional therapy will make your cognitive therapy even more effective, but can not replace it.

So if you’re feeling that your depression may have a biochemical as well as a cognitive basis, its nice to know that there is now a way to find out precisely what’s happening in your brain cells.

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