Exerciser enthusiasts and dieters regularly ask how much they have to work out, what they need to restrict, and what measures they need to take to reach their goals. https://www.rponlinecoaching.com/

Everybody has a different idea of what health is to them. Is it losing a few pounds? Feeling more energetic? Or is it competing as a fitness model? Sometimes people don’t put in enough to obtain the more challenging goals, but others may feel guilty for not putting in what they perceive to be an adequate effort, when they’re doing just fine. The fact is, everybody has an idea of what they want, what they are willing to do (or not ready to do) to get there. These are completely personal and subjective choices.

How bad do you want it?

If you have an ambitious goal such as: More than 30lbs weight loss, body building (or major muscle gain) or running a marathon you will have to put more in. These goals ARE ambitious and can only be achieved with an organized diet plan, carefully calculated workouts and constant monitoring and assessments. If you cannot give up a glass of wine a day, run 40 miles a week, or hit the gym nearly everyday you need to reevaluate your goal and see if it is right for you in the first place.

Maybe you will discover it’s not running a marathon or being a fitness model that excites you, it’s being a better runner or having a toned physique, and this is absolutely possible to achieve without having to turn your life on its head, and dedicating every waking moment to training.

Do you want it at all?

Most people fall into a category where they just want to be healthy and yet, they restrict food, and feel guilty for only exercising once or twice a week. Only once or twice, as if it’s a mere attempt! 80% of the population is sedentary, so I’d say that’s pretty darn good!

If you hired a personal trainer, or you’re working out on your own for health and wellbeing then by all means, indulge in moderation, and skip a workout here and there. A huge part of exercise and diet is feeling great. If you feel deprived, too tired to exercise or you’re simply not having fun, you’re in it for all the wrong reasons. Take a step back, enjoy the food and lifestyle you enjoy, and get back into the swing of things when you’re ready.

Do what is right for you. Don’t compare yourself, don’t set too high a standard. It’s great to have big ambitions but don’t burn and wear yourself out over them.

I’m write this article because it’s important to strike a balance and stay true to yourself. If you want to obtain a serious goal then by all means, go for it like you mean it, but if you’re happy with yoursel

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