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What Is an Acne Scar?
Acne scars are the end result of infected acne. These acne can engorge and swell pores and skin follicles, causing the follicle wall to interrupt and harm your skin tissue. Acne scarring might also appear to be shallow indentations or lesions in your face (although they can occur anywhere for your frame). Some acne scarring may be permanent.

Acne scars are regularly pressured with the discoloration of the skin that regularly takes place after a pimple has healed, known as put up-acne hyperpigmentation. These marks, which frequently seem red or dark brown, are temporary and fade over the years.

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What Causes an Acne Scar?
Pimples are available in all styles and sizes. The larger the pimple the much more likely it’s miles to motive scarring after its irritation begins to heal. Acne that takes an specially long term to heal also can result in scarring.

Acne damages skin tissue, inflicting your frame to supply new collagen fibers to repair itself. Unfortunately, the made from this restore can every so often appearance uneven and discolored.

Types of acne scars
There are two fundamental categories of zits scarring:

The maximum not unusual sort of zits scarring is referred to as “atrophic” scarring. These depressed scars, sometimes referred to as “ice choose” or “boxcar” scars, arise when there’s a loss of pores and skin tissue all through the recuperation method.
Keloid scarring takes place while the body produces too many collagen fibers. This kind of scarring seems as raised bumps along the pores and skin’s surface.
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How Do You Treat Acne Scars?
The satisfactory manner to treat or save you acne scarring is to govern your acne breakouts early. If your pimples is cystic and intense, you may need to make an appointment with a dermatologist for a prescription and similarly hints for the way to beat your pimples.

Do not pop or pick pimples. Squeezing a pimple can get worse the inflammation, deepening the scar and spreading bacteria.
Do no longer over-scrub your skin. Over-scrubbing can further worsen blemishes and make scars look extra distinguished.
Apply sunscreen every time you cross outdoors. Sunlight can in addition harm existing zits blemishes or scars. Sunscreen protects pores and skin, permitting it to heal nicely.
Can Acne Scars Be Removed?
Before you don’t forget acne scar elimination, your breakouts want to be beneath manage. Keep in mind, a few pimples scar elimination remedies only decrease the arrival of scarring, as opposed to absolutely getting rid of it.

Dermabrasion includes a dermatologist surgically doing away with the outer broken layer of your skin wherein the scarring takes place.

Laser resurfacing
Under this process, a laser removes the top layer of your pores and skin in an appropriate region wherein the scarring has took place, exposing and tightening the pores and skin below.

Filler injections
A dermatologist injects the acne scar with a filler, along with Juvederm, which raises any indentations resulting from deep scarring. Filler injections are, however, brief.

For greater records approximately putting off or treating your pimples scars, contact the UPMC Department of Dermatology.

About Dermatology
The UPMC Department of Dermatology diagnoses, treats, and manages numerous hair, pores and skin, and nail situations and diseases. We care for common and uncommon conditions, and our treatments encompass both surgical and non-surgical alternatives. We function numerous area of expertise facilities for numerous conditions. The UPMC Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center is the maximum comprehensive dermatologic laser facility in the region. With UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, we offer a Skin Cancer Program that gives complete care from screenings, diagnosis, remedy, and beyond.


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